Combat Pillows Customization Guide

How To Customize:

Custom Text Steps:

  1. Add your name, initials/monogram, a funny saying, whatever you want!
  2. Select a Font
  3. Adjust Size to how you like
  4. Choose a color
  5. Done!

Image Upload Steps:

  1. Choose Image
  2. Crop/Rotate
  3. Choose Sizing
  4. Done!

Customization Tips:

Text Lines & Sizing: Use the Enter/Return Button to start a new line of text. Text will automatically size to fit the safe area. Adding more characters to a line will make the text smaller, using fewer characters in a line will allow for the maximum font size, you can also use the size adjuster below the text box.

File Type: PNG Images will allow for a transparent background, JPEGs/HEICs will not. (HEIC files are the default image type for all images taken with an iPhone or iPad)

Safe Zone & Placement: Your Text/Image will automatically be centered on the Combat Pillow and is bounded by safe area to prevent your design from getting cut off when printing!

Real Time Preview: You will see a real time preview of your Customized Combat Pillow at all times! Scroll Up or Tap the Red Preview Button on Mobile, and look to the left hand side on desktop.

Happy Customizing!