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The World’s Most Exciting New Combat Sport

“The fighters don’t like to get hurt, and there’s a lot of people who don’t want to see the blood. They want to see good competition, they just don’t want to see the violence.” – Steve Williams, CEO

Pillow Fight Championship began with an idea to develop a real fighting sport that would appeal to the international family audience by combining the ancient weapon known as a “pillow” with experienced MMA competitors & boxers an strict rules. However, PFC isn’t just about hard-hitting pillow fighting, it’s also about pure entertainment and fun!

PFC has quickly evolved into a very popular sport-based showcase complete with all the strength, stamina and strategic skills of the other more brutal combat sports but with a massive amount of fun!

PFC is all the thrill of a hand-to-hand combat fight without any blood and a lot more action!

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What people are saying

"It's very similar to the likes of boxing, however you're allowed to use a specialised PFC-branded pillow to absolutely wallop your opponent with."

Sports Bible

"Pillow fighting is moving out of the bedroom and into the boxing ring"


"Professional fighters appreciated the intensity and competition as much as the laypeople. Due to the severity of the whupping in a MMA match, competitors can only handle one or two a year. PFC embodies the notion of fighting without risking serious bodily injury."

The Gaurdian

"The sport and its short, frenetic bouts are absolutely exhausting even for men at the peak of physical fitness"

Men's Health